The company’s know-how includes both the production of technical components of specialized functional properties and/or dimensions and manufacture of products of large and small sizes with high aesthetic requirements. Many parts are assembled together on site into automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines, ensuring the control of the repeatability of functional and qualitative characteristics. 

  • Quality of our customers’ service bas been achieved as result of years of experience with different logistics systems and techniques, such as JIT/ Consignment stock / Kanban.
  • Rabugino is having information system for order management and real time production scheduling.
  • Rabugino uses state of the arts systems for the products traceability.
  • As excellent lay out, warehousing equipment and software guarantees the respect of FIFO system in the warehouse management.

The Quality, in the sense of full satisfaction of the Customer, has always been since the beginning of company’s activity the key rule of our work. We achieve our aims through:

  • the adequate staff training and motivation
  • the accurate machine and equipment maintenance
  • cooperation with the best suppliers on the basis of partnership relations
  • continuous growth of our competitiveness  
  • consistence in actions and coherence of the decisions.

We are certificated ISO 14001:2004 and  ISO TS 16949:2009. Rabugino has modern quality control laboratories, in which chemical and physical characteristics of raw materials and final products are checked. 

Rabugino Group is capable to develop new projects of plastic parts, in line with projects assumption and based only on its idea. Our wide knowledge of different types of the polymers and their processing methods as well as our attention focused on production cost reduction opportunities, enable us to develop innovative and competitive solutions for our Customers.

If necessary, we use external specialists' consultancy. Rabugino develops multi-components parts, gas injected parts, parts assembled inside the mould. We also carry out injection molding process analysis and develop prototypes.
  • Customer Input for new Project
  • Rabugino Technical and Sales Office
  • Technical and economic evaluation
  • Proposal and evaluation with Customer
  • Order for the Project
  • Project's Realization
Customer Final Project's Validation and Approval